Sunday, August 22, 2010

'Who has to die for me to get her'

Its been about 3-4 weeks since I've updated this thing! What have we been doing you ask? Well, we have been preparing our legal contract. So far, out of everything else we've done, this process has taken the longest. Angie hired an adoption lawyer in Nashville for me. Her name is Lisa. Angie has her own in Minnesota, Suzanne. Suzanne drew up the paper work. Lisa and I went over it and changed what we needed to change. And then everyone went on vacation! Except me. I think it was about a week later when Angie and Nate signed the contract and sent it back to Lisa. But then Lisa went on a second vacation so Jon and I weren't able to sign the contract till about a week after that. Anyway, so as of Friday everything is signed and ready to go! I was also able to have a living will written up.  Here's who gets our prized possessions if Jon and I die....

House- Mom and Dad
Kids- Mom and Dad
Penny- Nic Williams. If Nic dies then Tonia Garner gets her. If Tonia dies well sorry Penny its the pound for you.
The donut that I left on the top of the refrigerator- Reilly Harris
My tie die blanket with all the giant holes- Kelly Hefner
My 20 year old New Kids on the Block sleeping bag- Christy Williams
The bowling pin I found on the side of the road in school- Sheila Kane
My rainbow stripped socks- Megan Oliver
My toy horses I played with as a kid- To be split between Erica Eisenmenger, Meghann Tracy, and Jordon Furnell
My Lynyrd Skynyrd tee-shirt- Nathan Furnell
Liz Sanford- Heres $20 go buy yourself something pretty.
The bunny in the backyard- Nichole Mckinny (To replace the one we lost that we won at the fair)  
                                              That is if Penny doesn't eat it first.

Well that's it! Those are the lucky ducks who get all my junk!! Congrats all!

So our next step is to have Suzanne send our IVF doctor a note saying that the paper work has been written and signed. Then Angie will have all the hormones ordered and the injections will begin! My favorite part. Stay tuned for that. It might get interesting:)