Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 8

"They said that the only way we could have a baby is if they take my sperm and her egg and put it together in a little dish and then stuff it into another girl. And we were wondering if you would be that girl that we put it into!??" ~Frank Buffee

So I am on week 8 in our pregnancy!! Last week I went to Minnesota for our 8 week ultrasound. Since we transferred 2 embryos, had such high hcg levels, and lets face it,  because Angie has such a super fertile niece we thought that we might be having two babies!!  Whenever we started this whole process I always knew that would be a possibility. My doctor and I had talked about it and I was ok with it. Well now that the time had come it was starting to freak me out a little bit. I started making plans and seriously considered buying a Groupon they had a couple weeks ago on $800 worth of lypo suction for $100! Good thing I didn't waste the money since we are only having one baby!! I must say I'm a little relieved!! Everything is happy and healthy. It should be about a inch big by now. Angie has the ultrasound pictures or else I would show them to you but I do have a little video that she took of the ultrasound. Its only for a second but if you pay close enough attention you can see its heartbeat!

We think he/she looks like a little gummy bear!

I'm feeling pretty good so far. I can't complain too much about the morning sickness. I don't get it everyday but when I do its not the greatest. Mostly I'm just really really tired.

There's not much to look at right now but in a couple weeks I'll start posting weekly to show my growing belly! I also have my next doctors appointment on the 23rd. I will be getting blood work that day so they can check my progesterone and estrogen levels. When they get those results they will start weening me off the shots and extra estrogen I have to take everyday!! I will be dancing in the clouds the day I don't have to take those shots anymore!! They said that it could take 2 weeks to be completely off of them so I will be taking them for at least  another 3 weeks and it looks like I will have to have a blood test every week until I'm done with all the meds!! I will be happy camper when I'm done being poked at! No fun at all!

Thanks everyone for all your support!! I will keep you updated after I have my next appointment!!