Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick Little Update

So I was on blogger this morning checking everyone else's blogs and thought I would quickly write ya'll an update.

I finished taking my lupron last week and right now I'm just in limbo until Angie has her next egg retrieval. I'm not 100% certain where she is in her cycle but I think she is taking her stimulations meds and they are monitoring her to see how the follicles are growing. When they feel like they have enough they will do the retrieval. Thats when I will start taking the progesterone shots again and a couple days later we will have the transfer! It will probably be coming up there in about 2 weeks! Dawn said they are shooting for February 6th, aka Superbowl Sunday. I know, shocker that I know that right?? I'm so ignorant to football just ask Angie but every time I mention that the transfer may be on February 6th someone says "Ohhh Superbowl Sunday!"

So that is that. I will let you all know when I know!!