Friday, October 8, 2010

Nashville Fertility Center Take 2!

Well it took me longer to get to this than I entended so I'm trying to remember where I am.

I stopped taking the lupron shots last week so my first round of injections is over! Yay! Right now I'm only taking Estrace (estrogen) 3 times a day, plus a low dose of aspirin and some vitamins. I'm not very good at taking pills everyday and sometimes I forget to take a dose. When that happens I have to catch myself up and I end up getting really bad headaches but for the most part its fine.

Last Friday I had my last appointment with the Nashville Fertility Center. For the most part it was a much better experience than last time. When I got there I signed in and they said that I once again needed an order from Dr. Campbell to proceed with my appointment! You don't know how much that annoyed me!! Apparently they need an new order for every appointment. I don't think anyone was aware of that. No one in their office told any of us. We had enough trouble getting an order at the last appointment. She asked me for Dawns phone number so they could call and get the order. So I'm on my phone trying to google the number and I look down and theres my file right in front of the receptionist with Dawns phone number right on the front page. I pointed at it and said the phone number is right there dumb ass! Ok, I didn't say that but I wanted to! I sat in the waiting area for 45 minutes while they got my order. When they  got it the receptionist called me over and said that they received it and that they would call be back in a few minutes. Another 45 minutes goes by and people were coming and going. I went to ask the receptionist what was taking so long and she said that technically my appointment was at 8:30 and since I was "unprepared" and they had to take so much time getting my order I lost my appointment and they would have to squeeze me in whenever they had the chance! Ok I'm mad now! I feel like I have fire rushing to my head! My southern girl anger/attitude is about to burst!! But I just gave a lesson to the young women at my church about getting angry and controlling yourself before saying something you don't mean. Only I would have meant everything I wanted to say but it wouldn't have helped the situation. I just sat back down and I had to wait a little bit longer but it only gave me time to chill before I went back there so I guess that was ok.

The nurse finally calls me back and it was the same nurse I had last time. I was feeling pretty calm at this point and she was being very nice. She saw that I had been waiting a long time and she pushed me ahead of the other clients. She had to draw blood again and I asked her to be easy on me since I'm not good with needles and she was. I didn't feel a thing this time. And then she pushed me ahead of some other patients to use the ultrasound machine so I wouldn't have to wait any longer. I'm feeling a lot of love for her right now!!:)

The ultrasound tech comes in and she does her thing. She says that my lining is thicker than last time but not thick enough. I asked how thick it was and she said 7 1/2 but they like it to be 8. Whatever! Dawn called me a few hours later and said that my lining is beautiful! So to sum up... I have a picture perfect uterus and beautiful lining which means I'm at least beautiful on the inside. Haha!

So now I'm in limbo. We are waiting on Angie to grow some follicles, thats what holds the eggs. Haha! I'm learning so much! Meanwhile I just keep taking the Estrace three times a day. Angie has had appointments just about everyday this week to check on her egg holders and when theres enough she will have her retrieval and I will be flying up there for the transfer. So far she has 9 egg holders, I like that term better, and they think that her retrieval will be on Saturday and the transfer will be on Thursday. Angie has already talked about buying plane tickets for me to fly up there on Wednesday evening and flying back on Sunday. So the big event is coming up pretty quickly! Keep your fingers crossed and pray that everything is successful! I'm in the mood to rent Baby Mama.