Saturday, February 19, 2011

2nd Time's a Charm!

I know I am a little behind  on keeping you all updated!! Shame on me! I guess I'll take you back to when I went to Minnesota for the transfer. I was having some good luck that day. I got to the airport a couple hours early since my Mom had somewhere to be but I'm glad cause as soon as I got there they announced over the intercom that if there were any passengers flying on the 5:50 flight to Minnesota to come to gate 5-13 and if you want you can switch to the 4:30 flight. So I did and there were only about 10 people on the flight. I got a seat in front and no one sat near me, nice!

Oops sorry. I thought I rotated that! Anyway, we had the transfer the next morning. Above is a picture of the 2 embryos we transfered. One is 8 cells and one is 6 or 7 I think and are level 2 in quality. I didn't really get it but the doctor reassured us that these two were much better quality than the two before and I guess she was right because 12 days later we had a positive pregnancy test with an HCG level of 219! That is three times higher than it was the last time. They wanted to make sure my HCG level continued to grow so I had another blood test two days later. At that point they want your levels to be doubled. As of Wednesday my levels were 436! Everything is growing just as it should be. Dawn and Denae from Center of Reproductive Medicine were thrilled and said that we have no reason to believe that things would go down from here. It looks like this time we have a viable pregnancy!!

This is Angie and I just before we went in for the transfer :)

So now I am considered to be 4 weeks and a few days along. My due date is October 23rd! In about three weeks I'm going to have an ultrasound. They said that by that time we may not be able to hear the heartbeat but we should be able to see it.  Plus we will see if just one embryo attached or if both of them did! EEK! We will see!!

Until then I have to continue taking my progesterone shots and the estrace. 

See ya in three weeks!!


  1. Rock on!! Hurray!! I'll keep you in my prayers for things to keep looking good! You are so awesome! Congratulations!!