Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nashville Fertility Center- Eh!

Ok so this morning I went in for my first monitoring appointment. Lets just say it was an interesting morning. Before I start to explain my day I'm going to take you back 2 weeks ago when we were trying to set the appointments. So in order to make appointments they first needed an order from Reproductive Medicine in Minnesota and they needed me to fill out some new patient forms. Angie had spoken to Naomi from Nashville Fertility a couple times and I spoke to her once about the forms I needed to fill in online. She seemed very nice as did everyone else who I spoke to in that office did.

So at 10 this morning I arrived for my appointment. They at least had me down for an appointment but had no idea who I was, why I was there, and had me fill out the new patient forms all over again. They claimed they never got the order from Reproductive Medicine even though they wouldn't let us make the appointment without it. Weird. Needless to say that annoyed me (although that's really not hard to do anyway). I had to call Angie to get Dawns number so they could call her and get another order.  They also gave me a hospital bracelet which I thought was weird but Angie says that some clinics do that so they don't get clients mixed up!! Oh dear!

Once they got everything straightened out the nurse from hell called me back! She is every needle fearers nightmare! She was in a very big hurry it seemed like, even though there were only 2 people in the waiting room. Really wasn't that busy. I haven't seen any Vanderbilt nurses in that much of a hurry and trust me Vandy is much busier! I had to have blood work taken and she was in so much of a hurry that she didn't even pay attention to where she was sticking me and stuck me very hard. I wanted my mommy! I still can't really extend my arm very far without it hurting and it was a little blue this morning but its not that bad anymore. She asked me what Reproductive Medicines number was so they could fax the results and I didn't have it on me which seemed to annoy her and I asked her if they were going to be able to get the results in by 2 cause thats when Dawn needed them by. She said "Oh, thats not going to happen". Crap.

Next, the technician comes and tells me what room to go in. I go in there and get ready for the ultrasound and I can hear another patient and nurse arguing outside my door! Not good for other patients to hear!!

The tech comes back in and does her thing. I ask her about the test results getting to Dawn in time and she said "Look we do this all the time you don't need to tell us what to do". I'm a little caught off guard at this point and I said "I'm not telling you what to do. I'm asking you a question!" She handed me some forms and left the office. I few minutes later she opened the door (while I was trying to get dressed) and said they would have the results in  at afternoonish. And that was that. No goodbye, have a nice weekened, nothing.

So at this point I'm a little shocked and caught off guard to everybody's weird behavior. And I'm afraid that they really aren't going to get my test results in on time.

I'm checking out and I asked the receptionist if I could verify my next appointment. This is how our conversation goes....

Tiffany- Can I verify my next appointment?
Receptionist- Sure. Your next appointment is on October 1st.
Tiffany- That's a Friday right?
Receptionist- Hold on I have to go to another window.
Do do do dodo do do do. Do do do do DO dododododo.
Receptionist- Yes that is on a Friday.
Tiffany- And what time is it? I know its in the morning.
Receptionist- Uh, hold on I have to go to another window.
Do do do dodo do do do. Do do do do DO dododododo.
Receptionist- Its at 8:30am.
Tiffany- Do you have a reminder card I can put on my refigerator.
Receptionist- Nope.
Tiffany- Well alrighty.

I know, thats great huh?

But we have a happy ending. The results got in 20 minutes early!! And everything is just as it should be.

Tomorrow I lower my Lupron dosage to 5U. I start taking Estrace every morning. And I also have to start taking 81mg of asprin and 1000U of vitamin D.

We will see how my next appointment goes. Cross your fingers that I don't get crazy nurse again!!


  1. OH MY HECK!!! How rude! I hope whoever owns this fertility clinic, will a.) read this blog, b.) find out who the nurse and receptionists are, then c.) fire them!!! If that happened to me, I would file a huge complaint, and then find another clinic. These people should be sensitive and KIND and their behavior was everything BUT! People like that give business' a bad name! If I ever live in nashville and need fertility help, I won't go to them, Tiffany good for you for telling that ultrasound tech off. Maybe next time you go in and if they are all rude again, you should tell them you are documenting and publically blogging EVERY EXPERIENCE you are having through this perganncy, including how nurses, and everyone involved, treat you! Maybe next time they will be nicer!

  2. I didn't even know you went through all that! I'm so sorry girl! You really did deserve a gift today! I might have to take care of that! 1 more visit there, hopefully it goes smoother and you can just get on and out!

  3. Yeah, Nashville Fertility Center is in a wing of Centennial hospital which I thought was a good hospital but if all of their offices are like that then you won't catch me in there again! Sheila- no worries I have plans to find the right supervisor and email them a copy of this posting!!

  4. UGH! There's nothing better then having rude people all up in your.... umm business!!!
    Hope you got a lollipop after that!

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