Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm just the Oven... Totally their Bun!!

There has been a little confusion as to who this baby will belong to genetically. Some people thought that Jon and I were having a baby and giving it to Angie and Nate and some thought that we were going to make a baby that was half mine and half Nates! EWE! No no no no!

I am going to be what's called a gestational carrier. Which means they are going to take some eggs from Angies ovaries and they are going to take Nates sperm and make embryos in a petri dish. Then they are going to take something that looks like turkey baster and squirt em on up there and hopefully one of them will attach!

So as weird as it may sound, this baby will completely be my cousin. It will not have any of my genes at all and I will not have any parental rights.

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