Friday, June 4, 2010

So far...So good!

I said before that this process began in March and this is what we've done so far. Angie started seeing an infertility doctor in Minneapolis a while ago and in March I had to send him my medical records. I sent a request to Vanderbilt, where I had my 2 children, to have them fax her doctor my records. At first the Vanderbilt Medical Records office only sent my hospital stay records. It may have been my fault. I might have missed the little box I was supposed to check to have them send my clinic records too but since Vanderbilts administrative staff pretty much sucks I'm going to blame it on them! 

On my second attempt to have my medical records sent I went down to the office in person with my mom to make sure they were all sent correctly this time. I'm about to tell you why I think Vanderbilts administrative staff sucks. My mom and I were waiting at the front desk for some help and there were two women sitting having a personal conversation about how one of them had a hysterectomy. They must of been in this conversation for about 10 minutes knowing we were there waiting on them. When they finally finished the conversation, the lady who was sitting closest to me looked at me and then walked away and didn't come back!! I was like "What the hell"! Another staff worker saw what happened and came up to me and said "I knew that was going to happen"! He proceeded to help me and faxed my medical records back to Angies doctor and this time they all made it there. 

Unfortunately, the next week Angie got a call from the doctors nurse saying that there was something in my medical records that disqualified me as a potential surrogate. I didn't find out till a couple of days later when my grandma called my mom and told her what happened and then my mom called me. Immediately I called them to see what it was that disqualified me and the nurse said that it was because of an anxiety attack I had 2 years ago that I was written down as treated for. Well, that is true. I had an anxiety attack 2 years ago and it was bad and would not want to go through it again and the doctor gave me a prescription for it but I never took it. I do not like to have to depend on prescriptions everyday. So I dealt with it the best way I could until it naturally went away on its own. Since then I have been as healthy as a horse! 

Still the doctor did not want to accept that. He refused to get to know the situation and said that what he saw on paper was enough to decline me. 

About a week later Angie found another doctor at a different infertility clinic and told him our situation and explained why I was denied by the other doctor. He said that he and that other doctor have a completely different view  on things and he said that as long as I am not being treated anymore then we will be ok. So once again I have sent my medical records to the new doctor. I got a call from his nurse about 2 weeks ago saying that she was going to mail me some paper work for both Jon, my husband, and I to fill out and send back. She also sent some paper work for my O.B. to fill out and send back to them. So my next step is to make an appointment with my doctor for an exam and she will fill out the paper work and send it back to them.

My appointment is on Thursday, June 10th  next week. Stay tuned!!


  1. I'm in Awe, Tiffany! What an Amazing, selfless act! I don't know if I could do it, but how rewarding! Good luck!

  2. tiffany, that's really cool! it's something i've thought a lot about. I'm looking forward to following your journey.

  3. You...are...PHOEBE!!! Omg girl this is huge! I will definitely be following your blog. Please keep us posted. I miss you and love you :)

    Love, your coolest cousin ever